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After a lengthy argument between House managers and President Donald Trump's counsel, Republicans in the Senate are expected to vote down calls for witnesses in its impeachment trial, starkly contrasting the desire of 75 percent of Americans and dismissing bombshell allegations from potential firsthand witnesses.

Republicans are then expected to vote overwhelmingly to acquit the President.

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New allegations from former National Security Advisor John Bolton in his upcoming memoir have thrown a wrench into the efforts of President Donald Trump's impeachment defense team to bypass a vote for additional witnesses.

According to Bolton, Trump told him explicitly that he wanted to withhold congressionally approved aid from Ukraine until its President announced investigations into Trump's political rivals.

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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) hasn't been secretive regarding his feelings on the possible impeachment of President Donald Trump.

McConnell—like his 99 colleagues in the Senate—will take an oath of impartiality before acting as a juror once the House formally impeaches Trump, spurring a trial in the Senate. Despite this, he's already committed to working with White House lawyers so that the process favors Trump.

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