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One of the men who was at the heart of the most infamous prison escape of recent times is still a jerk. David Sweat, 37, a convicted cop-killer, is now facing prison disciplinary charges after he was caught performing a sex act with the aid of his girlfriend, Frances Malanik, 45, reports the New York Post. The alleged sexual incident occurred on March 8.

The pair were caught in the act inside of Attica's Special Housing Unit's visiting room, the Post's report says. A guard apparently noticed Sweat touching himself while Malanik reached through the partition separating them in an effort to aid his attempt at ecstasy. The result saw Sweat, who is in solitary confinement, escorted back to his cell while Malanik was removed from the prison grounds. One of the punishments facing Sweat is that Malanik is forbidden from visiting him for 30 days.

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