Senate Dems Are Coming for Jared Kushner

Democrats on the House Oversight Committee have the demanded that the White House explain why senior adviser Jared Kushner still has a security clearance and access to classified information despite reports that he failed to disclose meetings with Russian officials and businessmen. Kushner also omitted dozens of contacts with foreign business leaders on his SF86 security clearance … Continued

They Just Figured Out a Better Way to Find Water on Distant Planets

Water was discovered in the atmosphere of exoplanet 51 Pegasi b. The CRIRES method, based on the Doppler effect, is perhaps even more vital than this finding, as an innovative approach that will aid in the further discovery of water on other planets.

You’ve Heard About the Indian Protests But Don’t Really Know What It’s About? A #NODAPL Primer.

The basics on the Dakota Access Pipeline and #NoDAPL, who is involved, and what is at stake.

Baltimore’s Delinquent Water Bills Tap a Wellspring of Concern

Starting this week, 25,000 households in Baltimore will suddenly lose their access to water for owing bills of $250 or more, with very little notice given and no public hearings. Rita, a renter in Southeast Baltimore who asked to remain anonymous for this story in order to protect her two children from being taken away, … Continued



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