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Senate Dems Are Coming for Jared Kushner

Democrats on the House Oversight Committee have the demanded that the White House explain ...


An End to Water Wars? This Device Sucks Water Out of Thin Air

New technologies and devices that mimic nature are sucking water out of thin air ...

Why Koalas Are Suddenly Drinking Extra Water

Australian koalas are in danger due to dehydration, loss of habitat and disease much ...

graphene sieve

Scientists May Just Have Solved the Earth’s Freshwater Problem

Graphene-oxide membranes can desalinate water faster and cheaper than desalination plants.


They Just Figured Out a Better Way to Find Water on Distant Planets

Water was discovered in the atmosphere of exoplanet 51 Pegasi b. The CRIRES method, ...


Forget Zombies. These Amoebas Will Eat Your Brain, And Their Peak Season Is Underway

[DIGEST: CBS, Weather] A local expert warned Virginia swimmers that Naegleria fowleri, a potentially ...

Baltimore’s Delinquent Water Bills Tap a Wellspring of Concern

Starting this week, 25,000 households in Baltimore will suddenly lose their access to water ...

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