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Gitanjali Rao, Gitanjali Rao scientist, flint water crisis, tethys water tester, tethys lead detector

Gitanjali Rao: 11 Year-Old Girl Invented Device ‘Tethys’ to Detect Lead in Drinking Water

Inspired by the Flint water crisis, 11-year-old girl invents ingenious test for contaminated water.

raw water, raw water trend, silicon valley raw water, untreated water

What Are the Dangers of Drinking ‘Raw Water’?

Summary: The raw water trend in California is all the rage—but it’s also dangerous.

bluespace, bluespace theory, health benefits of living near the ocean, benefits of ocean air, living near the beach pros and cons

STUDY: What Are the Health Benefits of Being by the Ocean?

Living or spending time near the ocean or other bodies of water has proven ...

288 P, binary asteroid

Binary Asteroid Discovery Holds Clues To Origin Of Earth’s Water

An analysis of a binary asteroid helped scientists get closer to solving the mystery ...

Mars, Mars 2020 rover

NASA’s Mars 2020 Mission Will Attempt To Generate Oxygen On Mars

Mars 2020 is NASA’s next planned mission to Mars, in which a compact car-sized ...


New Evidence Suggests Vast Stores of Water On The Moon

Scientists believe they’ve found evidence that the moon may contain vast amounts of water ...

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