How Will Donald Trump’s Policies Harm Disabled Americans?

The GOP is waging war on people with disabilities on numerous fronts.

U.S. Supreme Court Smacks Down Race-Based Packing in Key Gerrymander Case

Voting rights advocates are declaring victory in the first of two gerrymandering cases heard by the Supreme Court. Yesterday, the high court found that the lower court applied an incorrect standard in a Virginia redistricting case. The lower court had found that, despite packing many districts by race, the challenged districts could remain as drawn because their … Continued

Early Voting Shows Indications of How Battleground States May Go

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are encouraging their supporters to hit the polls early, and their efforts appear to be paying off. According to information from Catalist, a data company working to receive detailed early vote return information this year, more than 30 million votes have been cast already across 38 states with early voting in … Continued



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