Trump’s Approval Ratings Just Hit An All-Time Low

The weekly Gallup Poll released yesterday shows that President Donald Trump’s approval ratings fell to a new low after the failure of the Republican health care bill. His approval ratings have dropped even more in key groups of his supporters: independents, people without a college degree, whites, and regular churchgoers. Trump approval PLUMMETS to 36% – … Continued

A Week After The Debate, Two New National Polls Assess The Damage

[DIGEST: CBS, CNN] Hillary Clinton received a bump in the polls over Donald Trump one week after the first presidential debate. Two new major national polls show a 4-5 point advantage for Clinton. A CNN/ORC analysis revealed that voters believe Clinton is both prepared and has the right temperament for the presidency. She beats Trump … Continued

Trump Goes on Attack, Gets Shut Down by Black Pastor

[DIGEST: Politico, ABC] Donald Trump’s attempt to appeal to African-American voters in Flint, Michigan, went awry when the pastor of a historically black church took the stage to remind him that he was not there to give a political speech. The pastor interrupted Trump as he disparaged Hillary Clinton, his Democratic opponent. A group of … Continued



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