Violence Erupts At Another Trump Rally. It’s The Worst To Date.

At a Trump rally in San Jose, California, supporters and protesters were at each other’s throats, throwing raw eggs and debris. Inside the hall, Trump called for his opponent to be “jailed,” while outside the rally, protesters gathered in the streets, with encounters becoming increasingly violent and unruly. They surrounded vehicles, including police cars, and … Continued

Game of Thrones Is Back: Will Season 6 Address Misogyny Concerns?

HBO’s Game of Thrones returns for Season 6 on April 24. Gritty, violent, at times gory and always uncompromising in its choice of subject matter––in short, very much adult––the show is one of the network’s top-rated programs. But the show has received criticism from even its most die-hard fans for its worsening portrayals of violence … Continued



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