WATCH: Cappy Murders Mario in ‘Super Mario Odyssey’

I found a glitch in #SuperMarioOdyssey's 2 Player-mode that lets Cappy kill Mario when capturing a Piranha Plant. #NintendoSwitch — DefinitivNichtSascha (@NichtSascha) November 13, 2017 A glitch discovered in Super Mario Odyssey shows that, when capturing a Piranha Plant in 2-player mode, Cappy can kill Mario. Watch the video above by its original discoverer, … Continued

WATCH: Brenton Hager Live Streams High-Speed Chase on Facebook Live

Brenton Hager led Oklahoma police on a high-speed chase and used Facebook Live to promote his pursuit. Watch the video above. In the video, Hager goes live and says, “Hey, I’m on a high-speed chase, bro.” According to Oklahoma ABC 5 News, Hager was being chased for stealing a vehicle. Rap Sheets adds that Hager … Continued

WATCH: Chris Christie Argues With Voter & Tells Her She’s a Complainer

After voting, Christie got into a bit of an argument with a voter who questioned why he didn't merge His two towns — Nick Corasaniti (@NYTnickc) November 7, 2017 Governor Chris Christie got into with a voter today after voting himself. The woman asked him why he didn’t merge Mendham Township and Mendham Borough. … Continued



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