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After Backlash Mike Pence Deletes Tweet of Himself Visiting Campaign Staff Without Masks or Social Distancing
Saul Martinez/Getty Images

Cases of the virus that's upended daily life in the United States continue to spike in several states, but President Donald Trump's administration seems eager to proceed as normal nevertheless.

The once-daily briefings on the virus were long ago abandoned. The President will begin holding rallies against next week. And Vice President Mike Pence is visiting crowded campaign offices.

But as much as the administration may will it to be true, Americans aren't just going to forget that we're in a pandemic.

That may be why the Vice President deleted a tweet showing him meeting indoors with nearly 100 huddled campaign members without a mask in sight.

It's especially unsettling that Mike Pence would brag about the flouting of guidelines on Twitter, given that the President controversially appointed him as response director for the virus.

The Vice President may have deleted the tweet but as everyone knows, the internet is forever.

The Vice President made waves earlier this summer when he went without a mask on a tour of the Mayo Clinic, whose rules mandate the wearing of masks.

The deleted tweet soon gave birth to a new nickname for the veep.

Over 110 thousand Americans have died from the virus.