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Every year, across North and South America, the infamous El Chupacabra terrorizes the animals in an unsuspecting town. What exactly is the Chupacabra? The answer depends on the location of its sighting.  According to Animal Planet, it’s often thought of as a “mix of vampire and marauding, furry lizard,” and one of the more popular of the beasts studied in cryptozoology, that is, “the study of animals that may or may not be real.”

The earliest sightings of the beast, whose name translates to “goat-sucker,” come from the late 1960s in South America. Countries like Chile and Brazil are rife with stories of the chupacabra, who allegedly laid waste to goats and chickens, leaving bloody fang-wounds and drained animals in its wake. The reports can get positively hyperbolic, with eyewitnesses claiming to have seen them flying, leaping like monkeys, and bearing deadly fangs.

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