President’s Day 2018: Does UPS Deliver Packages Today?

Does UPS deliver packages on President’s Day 2018? Monday, February 19 is a federal holiday, which has people wondering if UPS delivers. President’s Day is an annual, federal holiday that celebrates the birthday of George Washington, the first President of the United States, who was born on February 22, 1732. Depending upon the state, the … Continued

Does Amazon Deliver on Christmas Eve 2017 Since It’s Sunday?

Will Amazon deliver packages on Christmas Eve 2017 since it’s Sunday? UPS, the main courier of Amazon, is off that day. However, according to Amazon, there are still ways to make sure you have a “Merry Christmas” presents-wise. For Amazon Prime members, Friday, December 22 is the last day to order for free two-day shipping … Continued

Does UPS Deliver Packages Thanksgiving Day 2017 & November 24?

UPS observes some government holidays. Do they deliver on Thanksgiving Day? What about the day after, November 24? According to the official UPS calendar, the answer is yes and no. UPS does not deliver on Thanksgiving, but they do deliver November 24. After that, it’s business as usual until Christmas Day, on Monday, December 25. … Continued

Will Mail be Delivered on November 10 if Veterans Day 2017 Is Saturday?

Veterans Day is on November 11, which is a Saturday. Because of this, Federal Government offices are closed on the 10th. Does that mean no mail on Friday? Fortunately, it does not. Mail will still be delivered on Friday, despite other Federal Government offices being closed. However, there will be no mail on Saturday, November … Continued

Does UPS Observe Veterans Day 2017 for Package Deliveries?

UPS observes some government holidays, and this year Veteran’s Day falls on Saturday, November 11. This means it is observed the 10th. Will UPS deliver? According to the official UPS calendar, the answer is yes. UPS won’t have a holiday schedule next until Thanksgiving on Thursday, November 23. After that, it’s business as usual until … Continued



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