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Did The Russians Use A Sonic Device To Spy On U.S. Diplomats In Cuba?

United States diplomats suffered symptoms such as hearing loss from a sonic device in Cuba. While the State Department investigation is ongoing, the sonic device likely used infrasound as an attempted surveillance method, perhaps placed there by the Russians.

Did The Russians Use A Sonic Device To Spy On U.S. Diplomats In Cuba?

The State Department is conducting a tight-lipped investigation into unusual symptoms suffered by United States diplomats and their families stationed in Havana, Cuba. Beginning in late 2016, members of the U.S. embassy community began to suffer from various symptoms, which worsened until some patients were removed to the U.S. for medical treatment. Off the record, U.S. officials have reported and experts theorize about a sonic device that caused the symptoms. Meanwhile, the official investigation continues—to determine both the purpose of the device and who was responsible.

Strange Symptoms

According to an anonymous source for the New York Times, the American diplomats’ symptoms included headaches, dizziness and hearing loss. The affected employees, who were not at the same place at the same time, suffered from what seemed like concussions. As a result of this incident, the U.S. flew a minimum of six people to the University of Miami’s hospital in 2017 for diagnosis and treatment of their unusual illness. One of the people examined at the university hospital purportedly had a blood disorder. According to one U.S. official, at least some suffered permanent hearing loss.

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