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super mario cappy death glitch, super mario cappy death video, super mario cappy death youtube

WATCH: Cappy Murders Mario in ‘Super Mario Odyssey’

I found a glitch in #SuperMarioOdyssey's 2 Player-mode that lets Cappy kill Mario when ...

donald trump twitter suspended, donald trump twitter down

Why Was Donald Trump’s Twitter Page Down?

Early this evening, @realDonaldTrump’s Twitter page went down. The president’s Twitter page wouldn’t load ...


NASA Beams Crowdsourced Tweet To The Universe On Voyager I’s 40th Birthday

In honor of Voyager 1’s 40th anniversary in space, NASA broadcast a "happy birthday" ...

Trump Unleashes Fury on Twitter––Against His Fellow Republicans

We’re used to seeing Donald Trump lash out at Democrats and the media on ...

Are Half of Trump’s 31 Million Twitter Followers Fake?

After a recent spike in President Donald Trump’s Twitter followers, an audit reveals that ...

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