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Eric Trump Gets Brutal Reminder After Claiming 'We're A Good Family' On Fox

Eric Trump went on Fox to claim he and his fellow Trumps 'are a good family' and got instantly and brutally fact checked online.

Eric Trump
Fox News

On Saturday, former Republican President Donald Trump's son Eric appeared on Fox News to repeat his father's claims of innocence for the pending civil actions and criminal indictments against him.

But the younger Trump took things a step further.

He absolved himself and his entire family for all prior illegal acts for which they were fined or forced to dissolve, such as their charitable foundations and several businesses.

Eric Trump told Fox host Mark Levin:

"110 subpoenas in the last seven years—those are ones that I’ve received personally. 110 subpoenas in seven years. I’ve never gotten so much as a traffic ticket."

The husband of the new RNC co-chair Lara Trump added:

"We’re a good family—never done anything wrong."

You can see the excerpt here:

People online begged to differ.

On both Threads and TikTok, people found Eric Trump’s claim about his family's virtue laughable.



“We’re a good family. Never have done anything wrong.” ~ Eric Trump 🤪😜🤪😜🤪😂

Others came with the receipts.

For a "good family" who "never did anything wrong," there seems to be a lot of wrongdoing.

twt oh me/YouTube



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Some reflected on other times they heard the same tune Trump is singing.

Donald Trump's current criminal trial in New York is ongoing.

He still faces federal and state charges in at least three other jurisdictions.