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Boebert Just Announced She Joined Trump's New Social Media Site—and Twitter Users Had the Same Response

Since his infamous Twitter account was shut down after the deadly failed insurrection of January 6 last year, former President Donald Trump has promised a conservative social media outlet supposedly emphasizing free speech.

At first, this materialized in what was little more than a glorified blog on Trump's campaign website. His former campaign spokesman, Jason Miller, later founded GETTR, only for the former President not to join. Now, Trump has launched the Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG), which has since introduced Trump's long-awaited social media platform.

From the former President who told more than 30 thousand lies in his only term in office, conservatives are now beginning to sign up for TRUTH Social.

Like all too many of Trump's business ventures, the response to TRUTH Social has been underwhelming, and Trump is reportedly furious at the lackluster response.

But one of his most loyal devotees in Congress—far-right Representative Lauren Boebert of Colorado—can't contain her excitement.

The congresswoman and firearm fanatic tweeted a message that she was finally on TRUTH Social, and urged her supporters to follow her there.

Her first post on the site reads:

"This is the platform that we've been waiting for, America."

It's unclear when exactly Boebert felt censored using Twitter. The Congresswoman felt perfectly at home glorifying the January 6 gatherings that would devolve into the Capitol riots. She was comfortable mocking trans people, sowing vaccine skepticism, and threatening to blow up metal detectors in the Capitol—all on Twitter.

Nevertheless, Boebert gleefully announced her new alternative profile, and for once, even her critics were happy.

Meanwhile, everyday conservatives expressed frustration that the platform largely isn't available to them yet.

It's unclear when TRUTH Social will be open to anyone.