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Aviointeriors, Skyrider 2.0, standing airplane seat, standing airplane seat design

PHOTOS: Aviointeriors Debuts The Skyrider 2.0 ‘Standing’ Airline Seat

A new standing seat could make airline travel more unpleasant than ever. Or it ...

British airways, reclining seats, reclining seats comfortable angle, removing reclining seats

British Airways Is Phasing Out Reclining Seats on Its Shorter Flights

British Airways will get rid of reclining seats, decrease legroom by one inch.

best time to travel for holidays 2017

Top Tips & Tricks for Holiday Travel 2017

The holidays are finally here, which means the busiest travel season of the year ...

Star Trek

Star Trek’s Universal Translator Is Becoming a Reality

Tech company Waverly Labs has created an earpiece that translates language in real-time. It ...