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Italian Translator Who Went Viral for Her Reaction to Trump Just Met Biden—and It Went Just as You'd Expect
The Recount

Back in 2019, Trump held a meeting in the Oval Office with the Italian President, Sergio Mattarella.

Over the course of the meeting, Trump ranted for the FBI to release the nonexistent Crowdstrike server and claimed that the relationship between Italy and the United States goes back "thousands of years."

Italian tranlsator Elisabetta Savigni Ullmann went viral for her perplexed and bewildered facial expressions at the meeting, appearing visibly confused in trying to make sense of then-President Donald Trump's rambling.

Watch below.

Flash forward to this week, when President Joe Biden traveled to Rome for a visit with the Pope and other prominent global figures.

As Biden joked with Pope Francis, people noticed a familiar face: Ullman's. Her demeanor was noticeably different than the day of the convoluted Oval Office meeting.

Check it out.

Side by side video suggested a stark contrast in Ullman's demeanor around the two Presidents. While she appears bewildered and baffled behind Trump, she seems gleeful and at ease with Biden.

The video sparked loads of reactions online.

No words needed.

Some expressions don't need a translation.