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gender spectrum beyond gender binary

Exploring The Complexities Of Human Gender Determination

Mapping the complexity of determining factors in human gender beyond XX and XY.


Transgender Servicemembers Hit Back at Trump

The president's proposed transgender military ban is already being challenged in court.


Trump Announces U.S. Military Ban on Transgender Individuals

The president's move is an abrupt reversal of an Obama administration decision which would ...


The Case for an Official Third Gender Option

In some situations, a baby’s gender can’t be determined at birth. For these people, ...

Boy Scout

Meet the First Transgender Boy Scout

Summary: Nine-year-old Joe Maldonado was barred from his Secaucus, New Jersey Cub Scout pack. ...


Transgender Workers Find Sympathy and Jobs in the California Hospitality Industry

A new jobs program is connecting transgender jobseekers with employers in the hospitality industry.


Hollywood Keeps Casting Cisgender Actors to Play Trans. Here’s Why That’s Toxic.

Casting cisgender male actors in trans roles leads to violence and discrimination against transgender ...