to kill a mockingbird

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Jewels in the Shubert Theatre posing with her Playbill.

Since its release in 1960, Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird has been controversial—but its controversy on Broadway has taken another form. As the Wall Street Journal writes, "Almost a year ago, the Broadway-bound production of To Kill a Mockingbird... was on shaky ground, at least legally. The author’s estate had sued producer Scott Rudin’s company, saying its theatrical version departs from the spirit of the book."

However, the play, penned by the Oscar and Emmy-winning writer Aaron Sorkin, is now booming. In December, it broke a box office record—taking in $1,586,946 and smashing the house record at the Shubert Theatre for the highest weekly gross of any Broadway play in the Shubert Organization's 118-year history, reports Playbill.

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