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Dem Rep Brutally Trolls Mike Johnson After He Claimed 'We All Know' Undocumented People Are Voting

After Speaker Mike Johnson claimed without evidence that 'we all know' undocumented people are voting in federal elections, Rep. Ted Lieu took the claim to an absurd extreme.

Ted Lieu; Mike Johnson
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images, Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images

Democratic California Representative Ted Lieu threw some major shade at Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson for making the unfounded argument that "a lot" of undocumented immigrants were voting in US elections.

On Wednesday, Johnson joined GOP leaders advocating for increasing election integrity by calling on Congress to pass legislation designed to prevent non-citizens from voting, even though it is already illegal.

Currently, US voters are required to swear under penalty of perjury that they are citizens, with levels of required documentation varying by state upon registration.

However, Johnson's proposed amendments to the 1993 National Voter Registration Act would require voters to provide documentary proof of US citizenship with passports or driver's licenses before they are allowed to register to vote.

Johnson stood on the steps of the Capitol building and acknowledged it was already illegal for non-citizens to vote under federal law.

“Some have noted that it’s already a crime for noncitizens to vote in a federal election, and that is true," he said.

Johnson then claimed without evidence:

"We all know, intuitively, that a lot of illegals are voting in federal elections."

He failed to back his sweeping generalization, adding:

"It's not something that is easily proven. We don't have that number."

The Biden-Harris campaign team shared a clip of Johnson's non-starter claim on X (formerly Twitter), which you can see here.

In response, California Democratic Representative Ted Lieu mocked the "unserious nature of the governing majority of the House" with a counter-proposal matching Johnson's ludicrous proposition.

"I will be introducing a bill to ban elementary school students from voting even though it’s already illegal for them to vote in federal elections."
"I intuitively know young kids are voting in federal elections but can’t prove it."

The vice chair of the House Democratic Caucus added:

"However my cousin’s friend read it on the internet."

Social media users were here for the Congressman's riotous clapback.

They also had words for the House Speaker advising him to wake up to reality.

Instances of non-citizens casting ballots are extremely rare as it could jeopardize the ability of an immigrant who isn't a US citizen to remain in the country or ultimately become a citizen.

Although it is illegal for voters who aren't US citizens to vote in federal elections, it is legal for them to vote in local elections that have jurisdictions allowing for it like Maryland, Vermont, Washington, D.C., and some California municipalities.

Johnson's fear-stoking talking point on immigration echoes his promotion of conspiracy theories in line with former Republican President Donald Trump's claims of a stolen 2020 election and rigged voting machines.