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Biden Does Hilarious Impression Of Republicans Who Try To Take Credit For Infrastructure Bill They Opposed
Alex Wong/Getty Images

If you've had it with Republicans, you're certainly not alone, and more and more it's clear that the President of the United States himself is right there with you.

A new video clip is making the rounds featuring a spirited Joe Biden taking Republican members of Congress to task for constantly trying to take credit for infrastructure projects that have sprung out of Biden's infrastructure legislation that they opposed.

But he didn't just put them in their place, he also did an impression of certain Republicans who he said have "no shame," and it has many liberals cheering.

Speaking at the Democratic National Committee's summer meeting, Biden told his supporters:

“We got a little help from Republicans. Not a lot, but enough to get it passed.”
“But the truth is, there are a lot more Republicans taking credit for that bill than actually voted for it.”

Biden then mocked these opportunistic Republicans in a voice that sounded ever so slightly like a certain Obstructionist in Chief, if you will--Republican Senator Mitch McConnell.

“'Now we’re gonna build this new bridge here. We’re all for it. And, by the way, this new road.'"

He then reverted to his regular voice to continue dragging these GOPers.

"I love ’em, man. They ain’t got no shame. They don’t have any shame.”

Biden was of course talking about the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill that passed last year, which at this point has funded more than 5,000 projects around the country with about $113 billion of the funds released so far. The administration is expected to award billions of additional dollars in grants through the end of this year.

The bill passed with the help of 13 House Republicans and 19 Republican Senators who voted in favor of it. But that is of course a tiny fraction of the total 261 Republicans in Congress.

While Biden didn't name names, many Republicans who vocally opposed the bill have now been taking credit for the benefits it has brought to their districts, including Texas Representative Kay Granger and Iowa Representative Ashley Hinson.

On Twitter, people were definitely here for Biden's drag of these hypocritical right-wingers.

Seems like the scrappier, no-nonsense version of Biden that liberals have nicknamed "Dark Brandon"--a reference to MAGA Republicans' anti-Biden "Let's Go Brandon" slogan--isn't going anywhere any time soon.