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Having a Female Surgeon Could Save Your Life

A study out of the University of Toronto determined that female surgeons are four percent more likely to keep their patients alive in the 30 days post-operation.

Having a Female Surgeon Could Save Your Life

A study found that patients who had had surgery performed by a female surgeon were 12 percent less likely to die in the 30 days following recovery.

Researchers at the University of Toronto viewed the records of 104,630 patients who had surgery between 2007 and 2015, as well as the 3,314 surgeons who performed the surgeries, at a hospital in Ontario, Canada. The sample of patients were matched to those in similar groups, based on factors such as age, sex and income. Surgeons were also matched in age, experience, the number of surgeries regularly performed and their respective workplace, or hospital. The outcomes of patients who had undergone one of 25 surgical procedures by a female surgeon were viewed against those who had received the same procedure performed by a male.

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