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fasting, benefits of fasting, intestinal stem cells

STUDY: Fasting for 24 Hours Found to Regenerate Intestinal Stem Cells

Scientists have found yet another benefit to fasting: After just 24 hours, abstaining from ...


Could a Human-Pig Hybrid Be in our Future?

The first peer-reviewed study has been published on the creation of human-pig chimeric embryos.


Scientists Just Figured Out a Way to Make Teeth Self-Regenerate

A new dental treatment promotes stem cell growth to fill cavities without the drill.


Scientists Reverse Signs of Aging in Live Mice

Scientists have successfully reversed signs of aging in mice through a cellular reprogramming process.


The Dentist’s Drill May Soon Become Obsolete

New innovations in dentistry may render the dentist's drill obsolete.

stem cells

Stem Cell Tourism: Go For A Cure, End Up With A Tumor

Unregulated stem cell tourism has risks that left one man in a wheelchair.

stem cells

Surgeons Just Directly Injected Stem Cells Into Patients With Strokes and MS. Is a Cure Now Within Reach?

[DIGEST: Science Alert, Healthline News, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Vice] Stroke patients treated with ...

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