st patrick s day

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Who doesn’t love a good joke? What better way to celebrate such a joyous occasion as St. Patrick’s Day than by dishing out a few of your own zingers? The Feast of Saint Patrick has been an Irish staple for more than 1,000 years, since not long after the death of the saint it’s named for. The first parade to celebrate the saint, who was credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland, was held on March 17, 1752 in New York City.

March 17 has consistently been a day for people to gather together and simply enjoy being alive. From parades to family gatherings, the holiday has brought people together for good food and great company. As you’re gathered with your best friends and family, downing glass after glass of green beer and chowing on corned beef and cabbage, try to remember some of these St. Patrick’s Day and Irish jokes. While you’re at it, make a game of it: first person to laugh has to take a drink!

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