Fabiana Perez: Danry Vasquez’s Girlfriend Speaks Out

The girlfriend of a minor league baseball player, who was shown being brutally beaten, in a now-viral video has finally spoken out. Speaking to TMZ, Fabiana Perez, the girlfriend of Danry Vasquez said she wished she had pressed charges back when the incident occurred in August 2016. A video showing the horrifying attack was released … Continued

What Is Big Air Snowboarding in Winter Olympics 2018?

The 2018 Winter Olympics will feature four brand new games. Each features either more elaborate rules or bigger spectacle, presumably to capture the awe of today’s audiences. One of these exciting events is Big Air Snowboarding. Spoiler alert: it’s exactly what it sounds like. Of course, it will probably be fun to watch the spectacle … Continued

What Is Mixed Doubles Curling?

The 2018 Winter Olympics are set to feature four new and exciting games. One of those is mixed doubles curling, a new and wacky variation of the classic sport. While the game might be hard to follow at first, the new rules add a couple of fun twists that audiences are likely to enjoy overall. … Continued



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