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Don Jr. Tried to Come for Biden Over His Teleprompter Skills and It Instantly Backfired
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images // Win McNamee/Getty Images

With his father—former President Donald Trump—suspended from a host of social media outlets for inciting violence, Donald Trump Jr. has taken up the Trump family's social media legacy by inundating timelines with petty insults, blatant lies, and sleazy memes.

Such was the case on Tuesday, when Junior was responding to lengthy remarks given by President Joe Biden.

Since even before the 2020 campaign, the Trump family has scrambled to paint Biden—whom they often refer to as "Sleepy Joe"—as an incapable old man with fading mental acuities.

So Junior naturally leapt to criticize Biden's teleprompter-reading abilities.

But the Trump family has rarely shown concern for their own glass houses, and Junior was no exception.

He was inundated with replies highlighting his father's own snafu's with the dreaded teleprompters—and there was lots of footage to choose from.

Social media users proceeded to roast Trump Jr. for his assertion.

Though he has plenty of critics and lost his bid for reelection, former President Trump remains the favorite to win the GOP's 2024 presidential nomination—if he decides to run. Donald Trump Jr. has also been discussed as a possible candidate, though no candidate is expected to announce until well after the 2022 midterms.