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space debris solutions, China, how do we remove space junk, space debris, space debris removal

STUDY: China Plans to ‘Zap’ Orbiting Space Junk with Lasers

An academic paper from China explains the viability of using lasers to break up ...

NASA Mars atmosphere magnetic shield

NASA Proposes Artificial Magnet Shield to Restore Atmosphere on Mars

With a little bit of Bradbury imagination and a giant orbital magnet, Mars could ...

oumuamua, interstellar asteroid, alien asteroid, vega, near earth object

Where Did Alien Asteroid ‘Oumuamua Come From?

In October 2017, astronomers spotted an unusual object passing through our planetary neighborhood and ...

communition, mars, martian soil composition, mars sand formation, how does new sand form on mars

PHOTOS: How Does New Sand Form on Mars?

Sand is eventually reduced to dust through wind erosion, so scientists have been searching ...