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In December, President Donald Trump established the United States Space Force, a sixth branch of the United States Army.

The goal of the force is to protect United States assets in outer space from foreign rivals and is slated to cost around $2 billion in the next five years.

Today, Trump unveiled the official logo for the Space Force, but people think it bears a striking resemblance to another iconic symbol.

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President Donald Trump heads back to the Oval Office after attending an event establishing the U.S. Space Command, the sixth national armed service, in the Rose Garden at the White House August 29, 2019 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

In another effort to fund his campaign promise of a Mexican financed border wall, President Donald Trump's newly appointed Secretary of Defense Mark Esper pulled funds from the Pentagon's construction budget. Federal budget law restricts the movement of appropriated funds within a federal agency and from one agency to another without congressional approval.

However, by declaring a national emergency, President Trump's DoD Secretary can raid military construction projects without asking Congress to approve the budget transfer. $3.6 billion of military construction projects are on the chopping block.

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During the 2018 midterm elections, Republican Senator Rafael "Ted" Cruz took a beating about his image resulting in a narrow victory—considering he represents deep red Texas—at the polls. Critics called him a wimp and brought up his acceptance of insults from President Donald Trump about his wife and father, his Canadian birthplace and his lack of coolness.

Since then, Cruz appears to have launched a gritty reboot of himself—adding facial hair and trying for a "cool, tough guy" persona the Texas GOP tried and failed to sell during the election. Included in that effort is tough talk on Twitter and in interviews that—unfortunately for Cruz—gets mostly mocked.

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This Hubble Space Telescope view of the core of one of the nearest globular star clusters, called NGC 6397, resembles a treasure chest of glittering jewels. The cluster is located 8,200 light-years away in the constellation Ara. Here, the stars are jam-packed together. The stellar density is about a million times greater than in our Sun's stellar neighborhood. The stars are only a few light-weeks apart, while the nearest star to our Sun is over four light-years away. The stars in NGC 6397 are in constant motion, like a swarm of angry bees. The ancient stars are so crowded together that a few of them inevitably collide with each other once in a while. Near misses are even more common. Even so, collisions only occur every few million years or so. That's thousands of collisions in the 14-billion-year lifetime of the cluster. (Photo by NASA/WireImage)

For only the second time ever, a series of Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs) have been discovered coming from a galaxy over 1 billion light years away. The extremely rare repetition was found by scientists in British Columbia. The bursts last less than half a second, but each one produces more energy than the sun does in one year.

Scientists remain stumped on what could be releasing the bursts. There are a vast array of occurrences that radio waves in space can indicate, such as star births, supermassive black holes, and dark matter.

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PASADENA, CA - JULY 30: Roger Stone at the 'Roger Stone Holds Court' panel during Politicon at Pasadena Convention Center on July 30, 2017 in Pasadena, California. (Photo by Michael Schwartz/Getty Images)

Are you excited about President Donald Trump's Space Force? Roger Stone sure is, so much so that on Monday, he shared a picture to his Instagram of himself, Trump, and several other Trump inner-circlers wearing Space Force suits––that are embroidered with swastikas. It is unknown who created this disturbing masterpiece.

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Yesterday, Vice President Mike Pence gave a speech to the Pentagon pushing for the creation of a Space Force, which he touted as a new, "separate but equal" branch of the United States Armed Forces.

The proposal has been met with widespread skepticism and even ridicule, and former NASA astronaut Scott Kelly has been an outspoken opponent of the idea.

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President Donald Trump's June 2018 announcement of the Space Force inspired a theme song from The Gregory Brothers. (The Gregory Brothers/Youtube)

On June 18, 2018, President Donald Trump announced his intention of creating another branch of the military that he dubbed Space Force.

During a meeting of the National Space Council, the President stated:

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