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People Accused Trump of Wearing His Pants Backward During a Speech and Snopes Just Factchecked It
Melissa Sue Gerrits/Getty Images

Former President Donald Trump addressed the North Carolina Republican Party this past weekend, where he endorsed Republican Congressman Ted Budd's Senate campaign.

It was one of Trump's few public appearances since leaving the White House in January, so his critics made sure to watch.

Video went viral in one clip of the speech after Trump was accused of wearing his trousers backwards the whole time.

Watch below.

Writer Brandon Friedman shared the clip, where he insisted that Trump's pants were backwards—then he realized he'd made a mistake.

After #TrumpPants was already trending, writers and editors at the fact-check site disproved the claim.

After watching the entire 90 minute speech, Snopes' Madison Dapcevich wrote:

Tabloid news publications like TMZ and Metro showed zoomed-in videos of the billionaire's crotch area, and some social media users took to Twitter to mock Trump, suggesting that the 74-year-old had unintentionally put his pants on backward at the North Carolina GOP convention. ... a video posted by C-SPAN of the 90-minute speech also showed the former president wearing pants the right way. As such, we rate this claim as 'False.'"

The former President used the speech to further slam President Joe Biden's administration and continue peddling deranged lies that the election was somehow stolen from him.

People seemed more focused on his attire, however.

Some were infuriated to learn the truth—and to have stared at Trump's crotch for so long.

Trump continues to lie to his supporters that he is the true winner of the 2020 election, and recent reports say he's been telling staff members he'll be reinstated by August.