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Trump Claimed No One Has 'Done More for Christianity' Than He Has and Everyone Had the Same Response

White evangelical Christians overwhelmingly supported former President Donald Trump in both the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections, often with a dedication that resembled a form of worship itself.

It was adoration Trump eagerly embraced, even to the point of signing bibles for supporters and gassing protesters for a photo-op in front of a cathedral (to the chagrin of those who actually preached there).

That white evangelical support appears to have inflated Trump's ego even further, judging by his recent comments on Flashpoint.

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After host Gene Bailey asked how Trump would recommend evangelical voters stay engaged with him and his possible 2024 presidential bid, Trump said:

"[N]obody has done more for Christianity or for evangelicals-or for religion itself-than I have. So many different things."

Trump frequently speaks in absurd superlatives, claiming he's done more for Black Americans than any President "except for maybe" Abraham Lincoln (who oversaw the emancipation of American enslaved people) or that "nobody respects women more" than he does, despite his frequent sexist insults and boasts about sexual assault.

His latest superlative on Christianity, however, was stunning even for him—especially since Christians credit Jesus Christ with redeeming them in God's eyes through his death.

Social media users crucified Trump for the comments.