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President Donald Trump's favorite network, Fox News, often hesitates to correct the president on his incessant lies. In fact, the network all too often helps perpetuate them.

But when Trump took the podium for a speech on the environment on Monday, the network took the extraordinary step of fact checking the president live on air.

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(Photos by Fox News and Alex Wong/Getty Images)
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Yesterday, FOX News anchor Shepard Smith admonished President Donald Trump for chiding members of the press and discrediting news outlets during an impromptu press conference.

Smith defended CNN White House Correspondent Jim Acosta after Trump singled him out for ridicule and told him he had downgraded CNN from "fake news" to "very fake news." Smith also criticized the president for "avoiding" discussion, despite numerous questions from different publications, about a New York Times report which revealed that phone records and intercepted calls of U.S. intelligence agencies show that members of his presidential campaign had repeated communication with senior Russian intelligence officials in the year before the election:

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