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robots lying and cheating, sex robots, can sex robots cheat, sex robots ethical issues, sex robots relationships

STUDY: As Robots Evolve They Learn to Lie & Cheat

Robots made for sex might also have the capacity to do something else human ...

Samantha the Sex Robot Needs Repairs After Abuse at Trade Show

At a consumer electronics show in Austria, an anatomically correct sex robot is roughed ...

female surgeons

Having a Female Surgeon Increases Patients’ Likelihood of Survival

A study out of the University of Toronto determined that female surgeons are four ...

gender spectrum beyond gender binary

Exploring The Complexities Of Human Gender Determination

Mapping the complexity of determining factors in human gender beyond XX and XY.

Is 10% Of The Population Really Gay?

Drawing on the widest survey of sexual behavior since the Kinsey Report, David Spiegelhalter, ...