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Tucker Carlson Mocked after Brutal Onscreen Banner Results in Self-Own for the Ages
Fox News

Far-right Fox News host Tucker Carlson is one of the most controversial media personalities in the right-wing echo chamber.

Carlson has repeatedly broadcast white supremacist conspiracy theories and anti-immigrant rhetoric to his millions of viewers, claiming immigrants make the country "dirtier" and that white people are being systematically replaced by immigration.

More recently, he's worked to undermine the lifesaving vaccines for the pandemic that's killed over 600 thousand Americans—vaccines which have repeatedly proven to be safe and effective. Carlson previously, and falsely, suggested that the vaccines don't work and that the government is keeping that a secret.

When an official at any level of public service steps out of line with his ideology, he dedicates his show to smearing them, whether its Capitol police officers who testified before Congress regarding the deadly failed insurrection or Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Mark Milley for not disavowing critical race theory.

That's why social media users thought a recent chyron on Carlson's Thursday night broadcast accidentally told the truth.

Check it out.

The chyron read:


The chyron was referring to Milley, who's the center of controversy once again after a new book, Peril by journalists Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, revealed he'd worked to assure the Chinese government that Trump wasn't planning an attack in the fallout of his 2020 election loss.

But with Carlson's face over the chyron, it appeared the sentiment was referring to the host—and even Carlson's critics agreed.

People had to laugh.