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Fox Guest Calls For Secession After Trump Arraignment Because 'God Instructed' It In The Bible

Jason Whitlock tells Tucker Carlson there is 'no partnership' with the left after Trump's arrest and acceptance of transgender people, so the Bible says to 'come out from among them and separate.'

Screenshot from Jason Whitlock's "Fox News" appearance

Blaze Media host Jason Whitlock called for conservatives to formally withdraw from the U.S. in response to former Republican President Donald Trump's arraignment on Tuesday.

A frequent guest on Tucker Carlson Tonight, Whitlock appeared on the right-wing cable news program to rant about how the nation had lost its way and how his interpretation of the Bible made him believe conservatives should secede from the Union.

Whitlock slammed Trump's prosecutor Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, Democrats and other liberals—calling them "lawless"—after Trump was indicted with 34 charges against him for falsifying records to conceal hush money payments to his alleged former mistress, adult film star Stormy Daniels.

“They don’t believe in fair justice, equal treatment under the law, they do not believe in that, so you can’t have a partnership with them," bemoaned Whitlock.

You can watch him go off the rails in the clip below.

The conservative sports columnist invoked the Bible and interpreted what Paul the Apostle had learned, which was that:

"God’s instruction [is that] you’ve got to come out from among them and separate."
“These guys are so far removed from the truth, so far removed from the values that made this country great, we can’t really have partnership with them.”

Whitlock continued:

“And my mind went to secession, we have to separate, we have to come out from among them. They’re so unrighteous, they’re so unclean."

Whitlock–who previously went on a misogynistic rant and denounced the visibility of women's basketball–went on to attack the LGBTQ+ community and their allies.

“Finding common ground is impossible with people who think men can become women, who told us, 'Hey, look, we just want two men to be able to get married and there's no slippery slope.'"

"That was a lie," fumed Whitlock, adding:

"We've seen the slippery slope. Now it's drag queens, reading books to kids. Now it's taking kids to drag queen shows."

His rant went on to rail against transgender people, saying:

"Now it's mutilating kids and infecting them with gender dysphoria and using that as an excuse to cut off their breasts, cut off their penises."
"You can't have peace. You can't have partnership with these people."

He also minimized the Black Lives Matter movement by calling it a lie.

Democrats wished Whitlock and fellow rightwingers good riddance.

Whitlock's complaint is part of a rising trend in Republicans pushing for secession in order to get their way.

A Texas lawmaker just introduced a measure known as the "TEXIT Referendum Act." The bill would place a referendum on the 2024 ballot for the Lone Star State to explore the possibility of gaining independence from the Union.

Whitlock echoed Georgia Republican Representative and far-right conspiracy theorist Marjorie Taylor Greene, who in February called for a "national divorce" by having the country be separated into red states and blue states.

"We have to think about going our separate ways," asserted Whitlock.

"Whether that’s through succession or whether that’s through some sort of national divorce."

Good luck with that.