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Dem Rep Hits Trump Where It Hurts With Savage New Nickname—and People Are Here for It
MSNBC // Matthew Hatcher/Getty Images

Democratic Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney of New York didn't hold back in brutal comments on MSNBC's Morning Joe, which he directed at former President Donald Trump.

Maloney is the chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), which recently released an ad—"Trump Is Not Invited"—skewering the former President for his continued delusion that the 2020 election was "stolen" from him by Democrats engaging in widespread election fraud.

The ad goes on to mock Trump for what Republican allies allegedly say behind his back, and for the fact that he's yet to travel to Virginia to campaign for GOP candidate Glenn Youngkin in an increasingly tight gubernatorial race.

On Morning Joe, Maloney discussed the ad and further mocked Trump for his alleged perception within the Republican Party.

Watch below.

The Congressman said:

"Donald, they're laughing at you up on Capitol Hill. They use you like some cheap mistress for their purposes, but then they laugh at you behind your back and then they run away from you when they try to talk to voters in swing districts, and we think the former President should know that the Republican Party is using him to raise money but making fun of him behind his back and trying to distance themselves."

Morning Joe cohost Mika Brzezinski laughed that she was "still stuck on the cheap mistress."

Others were as well.

But not everyone was laughing.

The Virginia gubernatorial election is next month, on November 2.