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Archaeologists May Have Discovered Santa Claus's Tomb

The discovery of hidden temple underneath a church in Turkey supports documents that say the bones of the real Santa Claus rest there.

Archaeologists May Have Discovered Santa Claus's Tomb

Forget Black Friday, Amazon, and the other manifestations of the modern Christmas spirit. Santa is real. Or he was, anyhow. Archeologists say they may have discovered the tomb of the man known as Saint Nicholas. The tomb, in a temple hidden underneath a church in Demre, in southwestern Turkey — that’s 3,700 miles from the North Pole, by the way — was discovered during a 20-year archeological excavation of the church.

"The world's eyes will be set on here. We claim that St Nicholas has been kept in this temple without any damage. We are at the last stage. If we get the results, Antalya's tourism will gain big momentum," said Cemil Karabayram, Antalya Director of Surveying and Monuments. The tomb is surrounded by inscribed stones and mosaics that must be painstakingly scaled and removed before the researchers can reach the contents inside.

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