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Fox News Anchor Imagines How Republicans Would Have Reacted If Obama Had Made a Speech Like Trump's Rose Garden Debacle
Fox News // Fox News

President Donald Trump took to the Rose Garden on Tuesday afternoon for a press conference, but he would speak for 52 minutes before he began taking questions.

The White House grounds aren't typically used by Presidents for explicit campaigning, but over the course of that 52 minutes, the President unyieldingly railed against his 2020 Democratic opponent Joe Biden, along with his tried and true rogues' gallery of liberal lawmakers: former President Barack Obama, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), and others.

Trump falsely claimed that Biden was against windows, wants to abolish all immigration detention, and intends to defund the military, among a bevy of other untrue assertions.

The presser was one of Trump's most erratic in recent months, and even Fox News's Bret Baier pointed out that Republicans would have been shocked and concerned if Trump's predecessor had given a similarly chaotic press conference.

Watch below.

Baier said:

"Presidents in the past have stayed away from overt campaign rhetoric from the Rose Garden or the White House, but it is the President's discretion. It is worth noting, however, to be fair, that had President Obama made this kind of speech from the Rose Garden, Republicans on Capitol Hill would likely have been up in arms."

It was the latest in a years-long string of instances where people observed Trump being held to a lower standard than his predecessor.

People agreed with Baier's hypothetical.

Baier was far from the only one left perplexed by the presser.

You can watch the full hour of Trump's press conference here.