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Trump's Doc Who Said He Was in Perfect Health Has an Equally Delusional Take on Omicron Variant
Rod Lamkey-Pool/Getty Images

With global vaccinations against COVID-19 still too low for herd immunity, a new variant of the virus that's killed over 750 thousand Americans was recently discovered by South African scientists, and is quickly sprouting up across the globe.

There's still a lot to learn about what's being called the Omicron variant, especially regarding its transmission rate, its severity, and its ability to evade vaccines.

There are some certainties though: It's real and it'll be here real soon.

That hasn't stopped Republican Congressman Ronny Jackson of Texas from promoting right-wing delusions that the Omicron variant is an invention of Democrats in order to "steal" elections through mail-in ballots.

He said as much in a recent tweet.

Before his ascent to the House of Representatives, Jackson was a White House physician, serving multiple Presidents of both parties. A major supporter of former President Donald Trump, Jackson faced scrutiny in 2018 for his assessment of Trump's health, which many critics speculated to be at odds with reality, praising Trump for his "incredible genes" and claiming the six foot three inch Trump weighed only 239 pounds.

Also in 2018, Trump nominated Jackson to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, but Jackson eventually withdrew himself from consideration after emerging reports of his misconduct as Physician to the President—misconduct a Defense Department Inspector General report later confirmed.

Now serving in Congress, Jackson's latest (and false) medical take was deeply concerning to social media users.

People also hadn't forgotten about his questionable assessment of Trump's health.