Fake Paper Inspired by ‘Star Trek: Voyager’ Episode 32, ‘Threshold’ Gets Accepted by Scientific Journal

A biologist tested whether so-called predatory journals, which charge researchers to publish their work without much real review, would really accept anything. Turns out, some will. His “experiment” on what happens to the body at “warp 10 speed” was based on a Star Trek: Voyager episode, but four journals accepted it, and one published.

National Institute of Health Lifted Moratorium on the Study of Influenza, MERS & SARS

Trump administration lifts a ban on research that could lead to a man-made pandemic.

First Ever Trial Shows Promise for ‘Magic Mushrooms’

[DIGEST: Scientific American, Lancet Psychiatry, Huffington Post] The first clinical trial to use psilocybin, the active compound in “magic mushrooms,” to treat major depression shows promise in a small but breakthrough study. Researchers from Imperial College London gave psilocybin to 12 people suffering from severe depression. One week after receiving an oral dose of the … Continued



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