Is This The Beginning of a Trump-Fueled Exodus?

[DIGEST: The Guardian, Politics USA, Des Moines Register] Iowa state Senator David Johnson expressed concerns with the “innate bigotry” of Donald Trump’s supporters and is the first elected official to leave the Republican party over Trump. Johnson announced he will change his registration to No Party after Trump accused Judge Gonzalo Curiel of bias after … Continued

Is the GOP better off with Ted?

Candidates like Trump, Fiorina, and Carson each touted their lack of political experience in 2015. But voters in 2016 may turn to a candidate who knows the ropes.

John Kasich: Running on Principle

Ohio Governor John Kasich has made a name for himself as the GOP’s most socially liberal candidate. For instance, while Kasich has made it known that he supports what the right refers to as “traditional marriage,” he has been quoted as saying that he supports civil unions for same sex couples. And in a recent interview with … Continued

Carly Fiorina: If at First You Don’t Succeed, Try Running for President.

Just a little over a month ago, Carly Fiorina was polling so poorly that she didn’t make the cut to appear at Fox News’ mainstage Republican Presidential debate; instead, Fiorina appeared at Fox’s ‘kid’s table’ event alongside several second-string Presidential hopefuls, including Lindsey Graham and George Pataki. Today, Fiorina is on fire. She emerged as the … Continued



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