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Pence Is Getting Roasted for His Tone Deaf Attempt to Rewrite Trump's Campaign Slogan During His RNC Speech

During the 2016 campaign, Donald Trump swore that, as President, he would "Make America great again." The slogan took off among his supporters, who wore the words emblazoned on red caps that became a definitive image for Trump's candidacy and presidency.

"Make America great again" has become so ubiquitous a phrase in the political sphere, that it's often referred to in acronym form: "MAGA."

But during the Republican National Convention—which presented its first lineup of speeches on Monday—Vice President Mike Pence's attempt to remix the slogan fell flat.

Watch below.

Pence said:

"With your continued support and with God's help, we're gonna make America great again...again."

Pence apparently didn't consider the implications of his statement: that Trump had failed to make America "great" in his first four years.

Twitter users far and wide mocked Pence's attempt at rebranding the slogan.

Trump has said in the past that the official slogan for his 2020 campaign is "Keep America Great," but the MAGA slogan from 2016 is still in wide use, including by the campaign.

So did Trump make America great or not?

The second night of the Republican National Convention begins on Tuesday.