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Tesla, Powerpack, Australia, tesla lithium ion battery, tesla australia battery, Elon Musk

Tesla’s 100 MW Battery Propped Up Australia’s Loy Yang A 3 Coal Power Plant

After winning a $50 million bet over its construction, Tesla’s Powerpack battery system in ...

corporate carbon policy footprint, climate change influencers, these companies are most influential in climate policy debates, biggest polluters by industry, who is the top polluter in america

REPORT: ‘Corporate Carbon Policy Footprint’ Scores Show Polluters Still Hold Most Influence

Heavy polluters still have overwhelming influence in government climate change policy, but new companies ...

clean energy

New Study Finds Wealthiest Nations Can Transition To 100% Clean Energy By 2050

Advances in renewable energy technology create several shortcuts in the race to a zero-carbon ...


How Trump’s EPA Chief Is Waging Open War On Science

Former Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt was charged with turning the EPA into a ...


Tesla Begins Installations of Its Solar Roof On Employees’ Homes

Tesla installs its first much-anticipated Solar Roof tiles on its CEO and CTO’s homes, ...


New Wind Turbines Blow Away Old Power Generation Records

Wind energy technology is rapidly evolving and contributing ever more power to the global ...


France Just Took a Much-anticipated Step in Solar Power

The first driveable solar roadway has opened in northern France, paving the way for ...


Scientists Accidentally Turn Air Pollution into Usable Fuel

Nanotechnology scientists accidentally discover a potential solution to the renewable-energy puzzle.

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