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Christian Leader Urges Prayers for 'Chaos and Conflict' in the Capitol So God Takes Dem Majority Away

Even before his inauguration, President Joe Biden promised to make unity a key component of his administration after his predecessor deepened divides between Republican and Democratic lawmakers even further.

But Republicans have since chastised Biden for issuing executive orders and for passing the wildly popular American Rescue Plan with no support from Republicans in Congress. They've painted this as a breach of his unity promise, despite presenting a near-absolute unwillingness to work with the Democratic side of the aisle.

Tony Perkins, President of the wildly homophobic Family Research Council, gave some insight into the sentiments behind this gridlock during a diatribe in which he hoped for complete "gridlock" in the Capitol.

Watch below.

Perkins said:

"We just need to pray that God will take the majority away from [Democrats]. What we can't do in the next two years, he can. And if they're gonna ram all these things through, we just need to pray God brings chaos, conflict and gridlock on our nation's capitol so this cannot advance."

The radical Perkins' comments come just weeks after he said Biden's policies were "literally from the pit of hell" and that they'd provoke God's wrath upon the nation.

His latest prayer for gridlock in the Capitol, amid a pandemic that's killed over 500 thousand Americans, said a lot about the state of the right wing.

Meanwhile, the Republican criticisms of Biden's so-called unwillingness to unify grow even more hollow.

Republican attitudes have yet to change.