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This Clip Of All The Times McCarthy Predicted A Red Wave Last November Did Not Age Well...At All

Seth Meyers roasted Kevin McCarthy with a supercut of all the times he predicted a 'red wave' election in 2022.

Kevin McCarthy
Late Night With Seth Myers

Late Night With Seth Meyers brought together clips of Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy in the lead upbto the 2022 midterm elections to create a supercut of the former House Minority Leader's election predictions.

McCarthy and his fellow Republicans claimed a Red Wave would sweep both the House and Senate giving the GOP control of Congress.

While the GOP did take control of the House, the Senate escaped their grasp and the margin in the House was minimal.

Their predicted landslide victory never happened.

You can see the Late Night supercut here:

Meyers said:

"For at least a year, leading up to the midterms, McCarthy was incredibly cocky about it, even giving us specific numbers for how many seats Republicans could win."

The supercut included a clip where McCarthy denied on Fox News he was being overconfident.

Meyers responded:

"There’s going to be a historic Red Wave or my name is not Klevin McCorthy."

The Late Night host quipped:

"It’s never a good sign when someone says they’re not being overconfident."
"If a character says that in the movie, he’s about 10 minutes away from getting eaten by a T. Rex."

Fox News got roasted as well over their Red Wave predictions.

McCarthy’s critics continued to point out the GOP's midterm failures as well.

McCarthy’s fortunes continued to sour as he struggled to win support from his GOP colleagues as House Speaker.

It took a historic five days, 15 votes and numerous concessions for McCarthy to prevail and then only after some in his own party opposing his speakership voted present.

It's hardly a vote of confidence to launch his tenure as Speaker of the House.