What Is Ideonella Sakaiensis? Newly Discovered Bacterium Breaks Down PET Plastic

We’re rapidly clogging the planet with plastic, but this could be a future solution.

Details of the Secret Senate Health Care Bill Have Leaked

After keeping the Senate healthcare bill secret even from Republican Senators in the so-called health care working group, Senator Mitch McConnell promised to release a discussion draft of the bill Thursday morning ahead of a potential vote next week. But by Wednesday evening details of the bill had leaked. According to The Washington Post, much like the American … Continued

“Magic” Paper Could Save Forests

A new technology creates reusable printing paper by applying a coating of nanoparticles made of Prussian blue and titanium dioxide, which allows a sheet of paper to be used up to 80 times without recycling. Using only UV light and heat to print and erase, respectively, this technology could have large-scale applications to limit the paper industry’s future damage to our environment.

Environmentalism’s Dirty Secret

“Conservation will never work. Recycling will never work. None of the stuff we’re talking about will ever work, because we are too afraid to talk about the thing that matters.” This was the candid assessment, conveyed privately to me over dinner, by a biochemistry research scientist (who prefers his name not be mentioned). He has … Continued



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