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GOP Chair Tried Going After Joe Biden for His 'Record Responding' to the Virus and It Did Not Go Well
Olivier Douliery/AFP via Getty Images; Alex Wong/Getty Images

Voter confidence in President Donald Trump has suffered since the beginning of the pandemic. The GOP has employed a number of tactics to try to shore up their candidates chances in November.

But Republican National Committee chair Ronna McDaniel's Sunday tweet had people astounded at the absurdity of her defense of Trump's oft-criticized pandemic response.

Sharing a video from ABC News' This Week with George Stephanopoulos, MCDaniel—who is the niece of Trump critic Mitt Romney—posted:

"Joe Biden can't run from his disastrous record responding to the coronavirus."
"The truth hurts, Joe!"

In the clip McDaniel shared, Stephanopoulos asked Biden senior adviser Symone Sanders about comments the Democratic candidate made during the early days of the pandemic.

However the interview wasn't the Biden takedown McDaniel hoped for. Sanders' response was more of a shot at Trump than the former Vice President.

Sanders said:

"In January and February, Joe Biden was not being briefed by national security experts who warned him how deadly the virus was."

Left out of McDaniel's clip was Sanders saying:

"In January and February, Joe Biden did not have the knowledge that President Trump did."
"But I will tell you, that if Joe Biden were President ... he would have taken proper precautions. He would have warned the American people."

People on Twitter also called out Trump and McDaniel.

As of Monday, September 14, the 2020 presidential election is 49 days away.