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Justin Williamson TLC

TLC’s Justin Williamson, 685-lb Teen: Update

Justin Williamson was once the most overweight teenager in the United States. At 685 ...

Idina Menzel Aaron Lohr

Idina Menzel’s Husband Aaron Lohr: Everything to Know

After her 10-year marriage to Taye Diggs, which ended in 2013, Idina Menzel has ...

larry caputo new boyriend, larry caputo split theresa caputo

Does Theresa Caputo Have a New Boyfriend?

Larry and Theresa Caputo have been together for 28 years, so viewers were shocked ...

Ashley Jacobs, Thomas girlfriend

Everything You Need to Know About Ashley Jacobs on ‘Southern Charm’

Thomas’ new girlfriend, Ashley Jacobs, is the newest addition to Southern Charm. The 32-year-old hospice ...

Jionni LaValle, Jionni LaValle Snooki, Snooki Husband, Is Snooki Married

Jionni LaValle, Snooki Polizzi’s Husband: Everything We Know

Tonight, the Jersey Shore cast is back for an all-new show, Jersey Shore Family ...

Tonya Banks and Kerwin Engaged, Tonya and Kerwin End Engagement

Tonya Banks & Kerwin Johnson on ‘Little Women: LA’

Last week, viewers learned that Little Women: LA’s Tonya Banks is no longer set ...

Angele 60 Days In, Angele and Gabrielle 60 Days In

’60 Days In’: Update on Angele & Gabrielle’s Relationship

On A&E’s 60 Days In, nine people pose as inmates and go undercover for 60 ...