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Right Wing Leaders Want to Preserve Child Marriage Laws to Allow Men to Sleep With Young Girls

Some GOP legislators and religious leaders are OK with adults having sex with children—as ...

Dr. Ricardo Cruciani

Dr. Ricardo Cruciani Rape Charges: What to Know

Dr. Ricardo Cruciani was arrested on rape charges in New York City on Tuesday ...


“Knees Together” Comments from Rape Trial Judge May Cost Him Big

Robin Camp, a Canadian Federal Court Justice, should be removed from the bench after ...


Canadian Judge To Woman in Rape Case: “Why Couldn’t You Just Keep Your Knees Together?”

[DIGEST: CNN, Washington Post] Robin Camp, a Canadian Federal Court Justice faces possible removal ...


As Stanford Rapist Gets Early Release, California Legislature Responds

The California Assembly has unanimously approved AB 2888, a measure that will close a ...


No More Criminal Trials for Judge in Stanford Swimmer Rape Case?

[DIGEST: ABC, Buzzfeed] Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Aaron Persky, who sentenced Stanford ...


Finally Some Real World Consequences For The Stanford Rapist

[DIGEST: Jezebel, USA Today] Brock Turner’s Olympic dreams are no more. Turner, the 20-year old ...


Stanford Rape Case Reveals Troubling Privilege Bias, Creates National Outcry

[DIGEST: The Guardian, Buzzfeed] A case out of Stanford University is garnering international attention not ...


Democrats and Republicans Show Rare Unity on New “Bill of Rights” For Rape Survivors

[DIGEST: 114th Congress, Huffington Post, The Guardian] On Monday, the U.S. Senate unanimously passed ...

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