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European river eels, drugs aquatic life, european eels cocaine

STUDY: High Concentration of Drugs Found in European River Eels

Humans are taking a lot of drugs. That means every other living thing is taking ...

Starbucks plastic straw ban, plastic straw ban, effect of banning plastic straws

Disabled Community Concerned Plastic Straw Bans Will Harm Disabled People With Limited Mobility

Starbucks recently announced a policy to eliminate all plastic straws and it's gotten some ...

What Is ‘Clean Coal’ Technology?

Proponents of the prospect of boosting the coal industry in the United States, principally ...

hearing loss, tinnitus remedies, tinnitus, living with tinnitus, coping with tinnitus, famous people with tinnitus

What Is Tinnitus and What Famous Musicians Suffer From It?

Our noisy world is causing hearing loss and tinnitus. There’s no cure, but solutions ...