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Donald Trump, presidential pardons, can trump pardon state crimes

New York Officials Seek to Close Presidential Pardon Loophole

The New York Attorney General and state legislators are moving forward with efforts that ...

Trump, refugees, refugee cap

Trump Administration Rejects Study Showing Positive Impact of Refugees

Pro-refugee findings in a study mandated by President Trump mysteriously failed to make it ...

South Park

Why “South Park” Will Now Be Ignoring Trump

“South Park” is taking a different direction from last season. The creators want to ...


LGBTQ Rights Are Under Attack in Texas

Texas goes after LGBTQ rights with a series of new legislation

trump schumer

Trump Holds Power To Kill Obamacare Himself and Warns He May Do It

President Donald Trump threatened to end funding that helps poor Americans get heath care. ...

Bentley mugshot

“Family Values” Governor of Alabama Resigns over Sex Scandal

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley agreed to resign from office and never hold public office ...